The Smart Meter – Yet Another Witless IT Idea From The Government

How long is it before your mobile, tablet or laptop becomes out of date? A while ago the government came up with an idea that we all needed a Smart Meter. They should help householders to monitor their energy-use far more accurately. D’oh, and then what. We reckon they will tell us that if we turn off something we will save money. The government really think we need a Smart Meter to tell us that? Leave it out!

They also allow our consumption to be monitored by the energy companies remotely so, if they haven’t already, they can get rid of meter readers and then gear the energy deal to our needs. They might also gear their energy deal to the most profitable for them given the intimate knowledge of our usage.

It will take until 2020 for these Smart Meters to be rolled out to some 30 million households in the UK. That’s still 5 years away if you had one fitted next week. Think back to where we started – how out of date would these be and how ancient would the ones already fitted be? That is only 1.4 million so far! Looking for 30 million? It’s a bloody farce and a waste of taxpayers, our, money. Wonder who is pocketing all the wonga for these Smart Meters?

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