Cameron Talks Cak – “We Would Have A Truly 7-Day NHS”

What on earth does that even mean? Utter twaddle. From a bloke who has cut and cut and then cut some more he then wants to use a pint glass to fill a gallon jar. It’s twaddle.

Worst of all, he KNOWS it is utter twaddle. He’ll produce a shopping list to make out we have more of these and more of those but anybody who uses the NHS can see the poor sods run off their feet to keep it working. Of course it IS working because the people there will damn well make sure it does regardless of any personal issues that result.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see such dedication in our politicians rather than the money grabbing, toadying that the vast majority of them are involved in. NHS staff don’t get a cheaper meal, in the middle of that-there London, if they end up having to stay after 7:30.

 All just a load of cheap cak – something Chicken Cameron is famous for.

“Oh Agh, Just A Little Bit. Oh, Agh ……”

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