As Our MPs All Run For The Hills Two Dodges Come To Light

As they go off for over a month to try and get their jobs back, while STILL being paid to work as an MP by the look of it, two huge scams come to light just in case anybody was naïve enough to believe the expenses scandal was over.

The first is a nice little earner for some 30 retiring MPs. They are in line to scoop £9 MILLION profit as they sell their second homes that were taxpayer-funded. The ‘rules’ have been changed for now but that doesn’t stop them cashing in on the money they accumulated before the change.

The second little earner is where 46 MPs who own property in that-there London then go and claim expenses for renting or staying in a hotel rather than use their own. Of course this doesn’t break, so they claim, any of the rules they have written for themselves so that when they get caught they can say, “we haven’t broken any rules”. Good one that.

The 30 Dodgers Link 1

The 46 Dodgers Link 2

Then, just for a laugh, here’s a nice one about that really dodgy git Grant Schnapps.

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