Call Us Picky We Guess But With Five Years Warning You’d Have Thought …….

We are looking at just about 5 weeks to the General Erection. They have the known the date from day one because we now have this ridiculous ‘Fixed Term Five Years’ in place. What that means is that they make a mess of things for 4 years and then sit back for a year knowing the Public can do nothing about it.

Gives them time to fill-in any missed expense forms. Also time to add the odd relative to that ever growing Staffing Payroll con played on the taxpayer and generally line up a new career just in case they need it after the vote. Quite handy for them really.

Given all that time you’d have thought they might have put their heads together and come up with some sort of Long Term Plan? We don’t know, we could call it something maybe, what about a Manifesto!! Now there’s a thought.

Just 5 weeks to go and we have got precisely bugger all. What a bunch of chancers.

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