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It’s Only A Very, Very Tiny Thing But Clarkson Report On The BBC

No point wasting time reminding readers what we think of Tory-Loving-Cameron-Apologist-Chipping-Norton-Set-Bloodsucking-Racist-Bully Clarkson so we won’t. What was funny though was the way it has been reported by the BBC. He’s been sacked, out on his arse, given his P45, shown … Continue reading

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Very Sad News About Flight 4U 9525

Tragic news as plane crashes in the French Alps. Very, very sad. Link

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Solar Farm Monstrosity In Dorset Dramatically Reduced

This story about Richard Drax MP and his desire for a solar farm has been going on for years. We first reported on it back in November 2013. Back then he got a solar farm of 175 acres approved by … Continue reading

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The ‘Perfect’ Defence – “Meant As A Joke”

So there we are. Say ANYTHING you like and then, if or when, the cak hits the fan, all you need to say is that it was “meant as a joke”. Brilliant! It also seems that by being “a bit … Continue reading

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Guptill Amazing In One Of The Most Incredible One Day Internationals Ever

Martin Guptill started the day by walking out to the wicket and then hitting the first ball of the innings for four. A promising start but we had no idea what would happen over the 50 overs of the innings. … Continue reading

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Warning To Drivers Around Dorchester, Wool, Wareham, Bere Regis & Near-By

Local drivers need to be aware that some government half-wit, we imagine from their second home up in that-there London, is trying to suggest that tanks can now go along OUR roads at 40 MPH! We realise here at the … Continue reading

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Gideon Is A Beatles Fan – Who Knew?

Great spot by a photographer who captured a moment when the Gideon drones were all doing a “High Ho, High Ho, It’s Off To Work We Go”. With a half-arsed bit of Photoshopping we have the Abbey Road Album cover. Now … Continue reading

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