Rumours Are That The New Pub At Poundbury To Be Named “The Frog & Toad”

For those who are unlucky enough not to live in Dorchester, Dorset, then Poundbury is the chocolate box ‘Village’ that Chazzer Windsor keeps banging on about. By the time the whole area is finished it will have added some 3,000 or more to the local population. It currently has a pub but a second is due to open sometime in 2016. It has been developed by the brewer Hall & Woodhouse from Blandford Forum because the local brewer, Eldridge Pope, closed down in 2003.

The new pub is currently being built in Queen Mother Square – even though it is a hideously oversized roundabout that no intelligent road user can fathom or understand.

Having forced us to have the roundabout named after his late family member he now wants the new pub named after his second wife. Still, “The Frog & Toad” should be just about right for that.


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