Just How Corrupt Is Our So Called ‘Free Press’?

Well today has shown, if you still needed it explaining to you, that it is only ‘Free’ if you are a very wealthy individual who thinks you should be allowed to manipulate the public, on a daily basis, in order to get your own way.

There are a strong list of suspects for this charge and you will have to decide for yourselves but when questioned the names that appear are always; The Scum, The Wail, The Ex-Press, The Tory-Graph but there are others.

Everyone has seen the tactics they use because they have used them so often. Print an utter load of old cak, find a dimwit who imagines that some of it might be true, interview them for a follow-up and when it’s shown what cak it was then publish an apology on page 83, font 8 pt.

Nicola Sturgeon discovered she was the target for this Press Abuse but the Tory owners of these Rag-Tops might not have reckoned on the strength of this lady – a big mistake! Having tried to use her to appear to reject Ed Miliband they suddenly found themselves accused of ‘dirty tricks’ and being told that the story was “categorically, 100% untrue”.

The Rag-Tops even tried to drag the French into this tosh, always a good target for the gutter press, only to have French officials state that Ms Sturgeon did not express a preference for PM. Ouch!

Then in a master stroke of taking the piss out of Crosby/Cameron’s PR Team it was announced by Cabinet Secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood that a Leak Inquiry had been set up. 

“I can confirm that earlier today I instigated a Cabinet Office-led leak inquiry to establish how extracts from this document may have got into the public domain.”

Nicola Sturgeon said: “The real issue is how a second-hand and inaccurate account of this meeting – which was not even attended by the UK government – came to be written by a UK Government civil servant and then leaked to Tory-supporting newspapers at the start of a general election campaign.

“It suggests a Whitehall system out of control – a place where political dirty tricks are manufactured and leaked. And the Foreign Office now appears to be denying the very existence of such a document.”

Seems rather appropriate that it is Easter as you can bet there is a hell of a lot of washing of hands going on around that Crosby Press Office along with a lot of finger pointing.


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