Clarkson ‘Fracas’ Inquiry Needs No Further Action – It’s Like Historic Events At The BBC Never Happened

The North Yorkshire Police have decided that is “no need for further action” concerning Clarkson and his assault on Oisin Tymon. It seems they have completed all their interviews and they “would not be pursuing this matter any further”.

You may remember that this was where ‘Hard-Man’ Clarkson decided he is allowed to punch people he gets upset with and it seems the Police agree with him. Not only did he punch Oisin Tymon he also split his lip and he required a visit to A&E for his injuries. It seems that the North Yorkshire Police also consider this does not need further action.

What it is to be a member of the Chipping Norton set! What’s the betting the odious Clarkson will be back on Top Gear come Sunday? Dodgy Dave and his daughter will be happy.

Now if only we could remember which high-profile member of the BBC was also involved with the North Yorkshire Police when nothing came of it? LINK Quite keen on dropping some inquiries if they have a Downing Street connection by the look of it.


The Chipping Norton Set With A Blurred Image {get it?!?}

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