Cameron, Like A Good Armchair General, Volunteers His Troops For Action

Dodgy-Dave has officially lost the plot. Having forgotten about The Big Society for 4 long years he’s suddenly remembered it. Like a book that slipped down the back of the bookcase and you suddenly find it and wonder why you have not re-read it sooner. Just like an Armchair General, safe in his bunker, he’s happy to order his troops into action!

For most people who will have forgotten this is the great Cameron-Con of getting people to work for nothing to cover over the cracks in society caused by all the cuts imposed by Cameron. If you don’t think about it for too long it seems quite brilliant! Sadly, in the cold light of day, it’s all bollox of course.

It also demonstrates again just how out of touch Dodgy-Dave is with real people when he believes HE can organise what PLEBS volunteer for – it’s priceless! It was also wonderful to hear a multi-millionaire come out with the immortal line, “It will be great to have more people volunteering.” You just couldn’t make it up. LINK

You can’t help but notice the wheels are starting to fall off the wagon as more and more policy appears to have written up in the back of the chauffeur driven car on the way to the Press Announcement.

On the plus side, Dodgy-Dave did say that, if we were unlucky and he won the election, each MP would work voluntarily 3 days a week, without Pay, Expenses or Staffing Payroll, in order to bring down the countries debt. Now that is something we would applaud!


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