Cameron ‘Confident’ About That £8bn NHS Pledge

So after 5 years of enforced austerity on the whim of some crazy Tory Idiot-ology suddenly they find £8bn. Four weeks before the election and suddenly Gideon reckons he is flushed with a mere £8bn. Now finding a fiver tucked in the back of your wallet is one thing but £8bn?? What a load of tosh.

It all goes to reinforce what many of us thought from the beginning that the vast majority of the so called austerity was just hiding taxpayers’ money for idiot-ology reasons. Tell the plebs that their jobs are at risk and that will force them to work for next to nothing on fear of losing their jobs while the fat-cat 1% carry on raking it all in.

Think about it: you don’t become a millionaire by giving your money away – you can only afford to do that when you have that much money.

the 8bn

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