Dodgy-Dave Looks After His Mates And Pretends He’s Doing Us Plebs A Favour

Great plan – sell off what homes we do have left and then the ONLY alternative will be Private Landlords who can charge what they like. So why would Dodgy Dave want to do that? Well it’s probably something to do with the fact that 83 of his 305 Tory MPs are also Private Landlords; over 27%.

Of the FibDems it was 15% and of the Labour MPs it was only 12.5%. LINK

We then hear all this guff about wanting to get more houses built – which is the obvious solution to the problem of homelessness. That’s just a lot of very hot air for one simple reason; money.

As a builder, why would you suddenly build 100 homes all at one go? Why would you suddenly flood a small area with homes knowing that if you’d stagger them, say 20 a time, it would maintain the price as high as you get. It’s pretty simple supply and demand.

If you also restrict the planning areas you can then manipulate where certain homes and, by extension, a certain salary-band of workers get to live. The “Keep The Plebs At Arm’s Length” must be a very strong motivation in some council offices.

There is very little incentive to build the number of homes this country actually requires to solve the problem of homelessness because it’s governed by the desire to make money, not on the needs of the people. With Dodgy and Gideon running the show nothing will change there and we are the ones to suffer.

cameron and osborne dip sticks dressing up

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