Doubts Surface About Lynton Crosby And His Running Of The Campaign For Dodgy Dave

Back benchers are starting to question if Crosby really is the political genius his Guru Status suggests he could be. Many have mentioned that he seems to be running short of ideas and that even the ones they feel may have ‘worked’ are in fact just a total re-hash of an idea he ran ten years ago!

It seems that the best that Crosby has come up is in fact just a re-run of an ‘attack-ad’ that he ran all those years ago back in Australia. It was a rather cheap effort to lampoon one of the candidates and Crosby has done a similar low-grade effort over here. This was back when he was working with his mate Mark Textor and they had a firm together – Crosby Textor Group.

The odd thing is that back in 2004 Crosby was working for the Australian Liberal Party – now he peddles his thoughts for Tory-Boy Cameron. Who said, “All you have to do is change the colour and give it a good polish; nobody will know the difference!”

He’s even pinching the same slogans as he has become so bereft of new ideas. In the past, working together they came up with – Three Year Economic Plan”. Realising that with a hapless Gideon getting in the way that might be a tight call Crosby left it a tad more open-ended for our consumption – “Long Term Economic Plan”. Gosh, so original!

Given Dodgy-Dave was only ever elected as Acting Prime Minister it seems rather fitting that his current campaign has to rely on old, second-hand tat!

Some Masterstrokes Crosby Has Been Passing-On To His ‘Troops’

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