This Time, Yes, THIS Time “Education Is ‘Red Line’ In Any FibDem Coalition Deal

You just couldn’t make the stuff up. Nick Clogg really does think the world is like some 4th rate Soap Opera series where no character can remember what happened in the last episode. In the mind of the Cloggmeister then the last 5 years just didn’t happen!

Clogger now reckons that a pledge to raise education funding in England from £49bn to £55.3bn over the next Parliament is the price of the Fib Dems entering any coalition after the election. He went on to reveal that this is the first of his so-called “Red Line” conditions. LINK

Well, if you don’t mind Clogger, we’ll consider that one to have been written on a sheet of Andrex that has then gone the way of all sheets of Andrex. {other sheets are available but only if you are prepared to risk your finger going through them}

anything pledge

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