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The Choice Is Simple: Who’s Economic Forecast Do You Believe?

The choice is pretty simple. On the one hand we have a right bunch of chancers. A bunch who will sell you cooking oil and swear it is sun-blocker. A bunch who are looking to line up another 5 years … Continue reading

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Rumours Suggest That The ‘Open Meetings’ Held By Cameron Are Anything But ‘Open’

In fact the rumours indicate very strongly that they are ALL ‘Invitation Only’ events with any dissenting voices quickly quashed. They are held in obscure areas where access is limited not only by the physical entry point but also by the capacity … Continue reading

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The Need For A Humanitarian Response Has Party Leaders Left Looking At Their Shoes

With people dying in the seas off of Italy why does it feel like our leaders have that ‘I don’t want to be involved’ look about them? They know what they should be doing but their sad desire, at erection … Continue reading

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We’ve Been Asleep For 5 Years – Or So It Seems! Coalition? What Coalition?

Having woken from our slumber after 5 years we have been listening to the News. It seems what nobody wants from the General Erection is any sort of joining together, teaming-up, grouping or coalition if you prefer. Every party is … Continue reading

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Ringo Starr Welcomed Into The Rock Hall Of Fame

After years of feeling ignored Ringo Starr, The Beatles’ drummer, has finally been inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame as a solo artist. Somebody with a sense of humour believed he had been recognised as one of rock music’s … Continue reading

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Well That IS A Good Way To Ensure a ‘Cover-Up’ Of Child Abuse!

Seems when all the cak was flying about Greville Janner along with the accusations of child abuse the information was withheld from a certain person. The person they managed to hide it from was none other than the director of public prosecutions … Continue reading

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“Why Aren’t UK Pay Rises Delivering Votes To Cameron?” Asks Robert Peston

Well that’s easy Robert – people are NOT getting a pay-rise. It might look like it on a set of statistics but not when you look at how those statistics were calculated. LINK “Figures Never Lie.” True but you do … Continue reading

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