How Much Revision Have YOU Done To Prepare For The Examination On Thursday?

Thursday will be the next big test of the education system of this country. Successive governments have looked to run it on a shoe-string and do next to nothing to enhance its reputation in the eyes of the public. After all, why should they care? Their horrible brats go off to the Private School they are delighted to pay for as it protects them from mixing with the likes of plebs like us.

We thought it only right and proper that here, at TheField, we lend every reader a hand and give them a few areas of study to consider. Having looked at Exam papers over the last few decades we believe these are the most likely topics to come up and so these are the ones you really ought to spend time revising before marking your X.

                  Exam Revision List

Bedroom Tax                           Maria Miller
VAT To 20%                             Pay Freezes
Foodbanks                               Lose Triple-A Rating
Zero-Hour Contracts               Give Away Of Royal Mail
Millionaires Tax Cuts              10% Pay Rise For MPs


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