Boycott Bowls A Beamer To Choir-Boy Cook – About Time Somebody Did

Having managed a draw against the West Indies when every pundit predicted a series victory the self-congratulatory Alastair Cook manages to be more than pleased with himself.

Geoffrey Boycott IS a self-obsessed bore but he does know about cricket. He believes, and the Choir-Boy certainly does, that Cook thinks he is “untouchable”.

Boycott said: “Every time Cook opens his mouth, he sticks his foot in it.”
The 74-year-old, writing in the Daily Telegraph, continued: “We lose a Test and fail to win a series, and he blames Colin Graves. He is going to be his new boss on 15 May, yet it is unbelievable that Cook talks disrespectfully about him.

“Cook acts as if he is the best captain England have ever had. He is living in cloud-cuckoo land about his captaincy ability. He thinks he is untouchable.”

To make the whole situation even worse it looks like Andrew ‘I Can Bore The Arse Off Of Anybody’ Strauss is to be appointed the new Director of Cricket. What makes it so toe-curling is that Choir-Boy refers to his new boss as ‘Straussy’. Pass us the sick-bag.


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