Obviously No Room For KP In The England Team As He Hits 326 Not Out

Kevin Pietersen, our best batsman by a country mile and a half, has just hit 326 runs for Surrey against Leicestershire and he is still not out. He smacked 34 for four and a further 14 for six. His 326 runs needed only 373 balls to be bowled to be scored.

Given the sad state of the England cricket team you would imagine he would be a pretty obvious shoe-in for the squad and, if he keeps this up, an easy replacement for the poor old Jonathon Trott who the England selectors so cruelly exposed against the West Indian bowling attack.

There is a problem of course: in fact two. A right couple of stuck-up, right-up their own backsides, pseudo posh-boys in the shape of Alastair ‘Choir-Boy’ Cook and Andrew ‘Bore the Arse Off Anyone’ Strauss. They don’t like KP so we guess that means we will not get to see him playing for England again even though we have to play Australia very soon. Great.

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