What A Duplicitous Little Git Strauss Is

It’s fair to say that nobody here in the offices of TheField has ever liked Strauss. Always comes across as an establishment toady who’s ready to kiss the butt of whoever he is told to. He could play a bit of cricket but he was a dreadful captain. He’ll quote some stats because he’s that sort of an anorak but what he won’t tell you are the ones that got away. The ones where 200 would be enough to win but we batted on to score 350 and then ran out of time to bowl them out.

He’s shown that the next level of management is also beyond him. The disgraceful way in which Peter Moores was sacked showed just how limited the Strauss social skills are. To then compound that with the two-faced, underhand, engineered to humiliate way he has effectively ‘sacked’ KP shows what a little shit he is.

Seems he has already licked a few arses at the ECB as the rumour goes that ‘results are not important’ during the summer matches as he is there for the ‘long term future’. Is Gideon running the team now? Probably just as well because if you don’t bother putting your best team out against the Australians then you are in for a bloody good hiding.

Strauss Has A Vision For The Future Of English Cricket

vision of the future

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