Gideon Osborne Plays His ‘Not Me Guv’ Card Very Early Into The 5 Years

Fearing all manner of cak hitting the fan our very own Chancer of the Exchequer has started his ‘washing his hands’ routine after just a week! Realising he will not get away with the Crosby mantra of, ‘situation we inherited’ he needs to find a new scape goat.

His ‘cunning plan’ is to pass housing, transport, planning and policing over to some English cities. This will be known as the Cities Devolution Bill as he offers these powers to what he calls, his new buzz word, the Northern Powerhouse! {Gideon is quite keen on ‘power’ just at the moment!}

This power will reignite the likes of Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle, Birmingham – in fact anywhere where the voters still vote for Labour! At least he has left Brighton alone.

It will all fall apart in a few months just the same way that major success went known as the police and crime commissioners! Remember them!


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