So Much To Do In The Commons And All The SNP Can Do Is Worry About A Seat!

We couldn’t make this cak up. Really, even here at the offices of TheField, we would never have thought of this to do on the first day back at school.

With everything that needs sorting out what would you imagine was the prime concern of the SNP today? Hard as it is to believe they wanted the seat that 83 year old Dennis Skinner has been sitting in since 1970! They did the equivalent of leaving their jumpers on the seat for their ‘friends’.

The new SNP contingent of 56 MPs attempted today to steal Skinner’s seat, in parliament’s first vote since it dissolved for the general election. Hours ahead of parliamentary business, which began at 2.30pm today, SNP MPs took it in turns to sit in Skinner’s seat in order to reserve it for their party.

Dennis took the seat back, obviously, and then reminded the newbies, “I am here every day, and they are determined to try and get me out. It tells you a lot about them – the idea that you’re going to throw out an 83-year-old after 45 years.”

It also tells us a lot about the limited ambitions of the long-distance travellers or, as Dennis has referred to them, “Lobby Fodder”.

Looks like all that Lynton Crosby cak that Dodgy-Dave came out with was even more cak than we imagined. Seems DodgyDave has a friend in Sturgeon. Next they’ll tell us she likes fox hunting? Who knows?

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