Knowns And Unknowns Win Damages From ……….Mirror Group

Gosh. Here at TheField we are truly shocked. To think the press just tell a pack of lies! Well here, for one office, we would never have thought it …. … MUCH!

We make-up stories. We take a trace of truth and stretch it. Sometimes they even still sound plausible. Given the bunch of crooks running the country even WE struggle to come-up with crazier ideas than they do. The difference is – you know that.

The wonderful print ‘media’ try and present themselves as actually having something to say. They are such a bunch of chancers! Self-appointed know-nothings who then appear on TV telling us how amazing they are and that we should all admire what they think. All utter cak but somehow people let them get away with. Hard to believe but there are still people who believe The Daily Wail to be a real newspaper! Yeah, right! Just like Viz is.

The Mirror Group are going to have to find £1.25 million in order to pay 8 people they crapped on. Sadie Frost gets £260,000 and Paul Gascoigne gets £188,250 of the total. This hacking of their phones went on for 10 years! This is NOT just a ‘few rotten apples’. This is a media out of control. Remember Leveson? It’s getting harder and harder as each week goes by.


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