What’s The Betting We Are Told The Pay-Rise Is “In Line With The Welsh Assembly”?

The Welsh Assembly members have sorted themselves out a nice little £10,000 pay rise after the next assembly election. The pay rise is a staggering 18.5% and means that a mere backbencher will be on £64,000 from May 2016. It means that taxpayers will have to find some £700,000 extra in order to cover the cost.

The First Minister will be on £140,000 while their cabinet members will receive £100,000. Yes, times really are hard! LINK

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is still ‘umming and arring’ on plans to increase MPs pay by £7,000 to take it from £67,000 to £74,000. An increase of over 10% but it could be even more. If they cite the Welsh Assembly they might even go for 16%! With the new faces in there they might well go for the near £11,000 pay rise! Bet they think £78,000 sounds soooo much better! What a House Full of Chancers.

Money Grabbing Toads

Money Grabbing Toads

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