Septic Blatter Looks To Hang On

You can’t blame him – he’s made an absolute fortune over his deals with world football. Naturally, he knows nothing of any corruption that was going on. Yeah, right.

me a-crook

He’s the perfect role-model of our own Dodgy-Dave who adopts the exact same defence. “If it works, it was me. If it doesn’t, it was somebody else. Don’t blame me guv!”

me blatter_3031222b

Come Friday, and he gets voted in again on the nod, we’ll see if European Football really does have any balls and if they are prepared to break away. We have a doubts. Oh yes, by the way Yanks, we’ll sort FOOTBALL out ourselves thank-you. You sort out the problems you’ve got with your own National Soccer League what with drug-taking, concussion injuries and teams deflating the bloody ball!

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