The Gold Hill Cheese Run Today At Shaftesbury, Dorset

Last week we brought you the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling Race and this week it is the Gold Hill Cheese Race. It’s pretty simple really – you run along with a lump of cheese. If ONLY it were that simple! LINK

You may know Gold Hill more as being the Hovis Hill. The poor lad on his bike, pushing it loaded with bread up what is best described as a mountain! Alright, it’s not that bad as it is a road except it’s made with cobblestones – not the easiest surface to run on. Oh yes, the lump of cheese weighs 55lb (25kg in euros) and are 14inches (35cm) across.

Nobody quite knows where this idea came from originally when it was introduced as part of the local food festival in 2012. The claim is that it is based on the activities of the local cheese traders in the Blackmore Vale but why any of them would want to run up anywhere, never mind Gold Hill, sounds a tad dodgy.

The man to beat these days is Barnaby Cox, 18, who has already won the race twice. Good luck to everyone who is up to taking part.

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