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So How Did It All Pan Out?

Poor old Hull and well done Tottenham!

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Looks Like Five Teams Really Do Have It ‘All To Play For’!

By the end of today some teams will feel very pleased with themselves while some will be the proverbial ‘sick as a parrot’! There are two little clusters where the difference of 3 points really will make all the difference. … Continue reading

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Eurovision Provides Clear Evidence Of Climate Change

The world is undergoing enormous climatic changes and none more so than is on show tonight in the Eurovision Song Contest. Fears of rising sea-levels and countries being submerged came into sharp focus tonight as it became apparent there has … Continue reading

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What’s The Betting We Are Told The Pay-Rise Is “In Line With The Welsh Assembly”?

The Welsh Assembly members have sorted themselves out a nice little £10,000 pay rise after the next assembly election. The pay rise is a staggering 18.5% and means that a mere backbencher will be on £64,000 from May 2016. It … Continue reading

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Knowns And Unknowns Win Damages From ……….Mirror Group

Gosh. Here at TheField we are truly shocked. To think the press just tell a pack of lies! Well here, for one office, we would never have thought it …. … MUCH! We make-up stories. We take a trace of truth … Continue reading

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Just How Thick IS Justin Bieber?

This clip from the David Letterman Show is old now but it is still funny. It’s funnier because he genuinely doesn’t know why the audience are laughing at him. The Canadian High School system must be so very, very proud … Continue reading

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And Then There Where Four – Hunt Will Not Be Standing

Hunt threw his hat in with Liz Kendall and the field is reduced to four. To be fair Hunt never actually put his name forward but that was all just down to words rather than deeds. He’s offered his support to … Continue reading

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