We Can See Why Pretty Useless Feels At Home In The Nasty Party

Pretty Patel-Useless is a very arrogant, spiteful piece of works. She is one of the Gang of Five who claimed Britons need to work harder. She’s a fairly heartless individual and is clearly looking to assume the Esther McVile crown. She is well on the way. LINK

Well now it turns out she is just as nasty overseas as she is here. Apart from being given a job by the dreadful Andrew Lansley she has also worked for a PR firm that lobbied MEPs against EU tobacco regulations.

She was part of a team of spin-doctors who were paid to help a tobacco firm diffuse the negative publicity surrounding British American Tobacco. One of her jobs was to lobby MEPs to cut any EU directives to control tobacco.

BAT became known to the world after it was uncovered that children, starting as young as 7, were being used on their leaf farms. It also came to light that they were paying factory workers elsewhere in the world just £15 a month.

Seems this was a nice little earner. She was working under the umbrella of Shandwick PR. They were looking to charge BAT for 279 hours each month. Pretty Useless had her name down for 100 of these hours at £165 an hour. The team at Shandwick were on a monthly retainer close to £40,000 a month or nearly half a million a year!

Useless loves to come on TV and gob off all the time so perhaps it’s about time she was asked about her role at Shandwick and what she feels about 7 year olds working on the farms and workers paid £15 a month. No wonder she is in Dodgy-Dave’s Nasty Party.

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