If They Say It Is ‘Failing’ Then Just Call It Something Different!

It’s a brilliant plan. Get Ofsted to find something ‘wrong’ and then claim a school is ‘inadequate’. The more you keep changing what Ofsted are looking for then the easier it is to find a reason to claim a school is indeed ‘inadequate’.

The solution to this, in the goggled-eyed view of Gove/Morgan, is to simply re-name the school as an academy. Brilliant! There do seem to be a few flaws with this plan but we’ll get to that later.

The other great idea from Gove/Morgan is that parents shouldn’t be allowed to interfere in a process involving their children as they obviously do not understand it. They just get in the way so the Education and Adoption Bill seeks to “remove bureaucratic and legal loopholes” that parents might use to slow down the process of turning failing schools into academies. Brilliant!

The role of the parents will be taken over by Regional Commissioners who will take on the responsibility along with the requirements for the potential academy sponsors which will also remove the need to consult with the local community. Brilliant!

Without any evidence whatsoever the Gove/Morgan mantra is that schools will be improved faster by academy sponsorship. It’s all utter tosh and typical of a very Nasty Party.

What is not clear is having closed one school, where does this new academy rise up from? Where are the new buildings? Where are the new teaching staff? Where are the new management staff? Where the hell are the new students??

You can’t help recalling the deck chairs on the Titanic as the New Academy uses the same buildings, the same teachers, the same management and is then attended by the same children. Brilliant!
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