What Do You Mean, ‘The Royals Just Take The Mick’?

It’s bad enough when crap actors hand-out crap awards to one another for yet another crap performance. However, when it comes to the royals that doesn’t even come close!

The latest piss-take is old Lizzy has gone and knighted Ginger-Harry! Well obviously this will be for some military action he took part in and something relevant to his line of work. No, that’s us taking the piss. This is for “Services to the Sovereign”.

So for doing ‘stuff’ for his granny the bloke gets a knighthood! Must mean he has never missed her birthdays and always gets her a Christmas present each year. Services to the sovereign indeed! It means he can wear a nice little medal on those TV days and look nearly as pompous as his ‘father’. He can also write KCVO on his stationary paper which will look good on his CV as he leaves the Army later this month and looks for a job.

We can’t really see him being left homeless and having to fend for himself.

Starts to become clear where the likes of Chazzer gets all those medals from, that he so likes to show off for the cameras, even though the bloke has done next to bugger all. “Well Camilla, my love, I got this one for taking the dogs for a walk, this one for mucking out the stables and these three for keeping quiet when she refused to abdicate.”

medals 2

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