Dodgy-Dave And His ‘Follow The Money’ Campaign

Poor old Dodgy, he just opens his mouth and forgets to think through what he is actually saying. The poor bloke sees everything in isolation and is never able to see any connection with anything else. Crosby feeds him a sound-bite and Dave fails to think it through before announcing it to the world. He’d do himself a favour if he just looked in the mirror first every now and again.

Dodgy is on one of his “I’ll Put The World Right” scripts because he believes he is so amazing: known as the Blair-Syndrome. He thinks he’s so perfect that he’s going to straighten out the corruption around the world and put it and FIFA right. Yes, he really IS that arrogant and conceited.

What we ask is why are so many Tory MPs so keen to pursue policies that over 75% of the electorate rejected? Here at TheField we just cannot possibly imagine! It’s always a good starting to point though to simply ‘Follow The Money’ and suddenly HS2, Fracking and the Privatisation of the NHS all make perfect sense.


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