Fifty Tory MPs Form ‘CON-Servatives For Britain’ For An EU Exit

Let’s get this out of the way first of all. Here at TheField we are Pro-Europe. Simple. Any little Tin-Pot Tiny Englander who imagines this island can ‘take on the world’ is living in the 1920’s. The only people dense enough to imagine an exit would be a good move are those who are very well off, ‘thank-you’, and are looking to make even more out of a monopoly of the few trading options left open to them after the exit.

It’s all a classic case of ‘Follow The Money’ – if the likes of a failed MP like Owen Paterson wants to leave the EU then we cannot think of a better reason for staying in. As for the John-Alien-Being-Deadwood being his side-kick, well, everybody should be able to work it out now!

If you are happy to believe a bunch of money grabbing, self-serving, arrogant, conceited two-faced individuals then feel free to vote to be cast off adrift in the open ocean. If you imagine the likes of Paterson and the rest of the toe-rags actually have your interests at heart then you are probably a lost cause already.

Yeah, Right. They Are To Be Trusted!

Yeah, Right. They Are To Be Trusted!

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