The Establishment Continue To Imprison The Most Dangerous Man In The Country

Stephen Gough, that most feared and dangerous man who must remain locked-up, lost his appeal against a conviction for a breach of an asbo. Now you are probably wondering why he is so dangerous that he simply must be locked –up so we’ll tell you. He is, none other than, The Naked Rambler!!!


We love Stephen Gough here at TheField and have highlighted his ‘dangerous’ activities on a number of occasions. We think what he does is in the tradition of the Great British Eccentric back when you could do odd things and people either encouraged you or ignored you.

These days we have an increasingly nasty society which means if they don’t encourage you then they want you banned and locked up forever. It’s happening more and more and poor Stephen Gough is a victim of this particular nastiness. Just to put his rambling in context it is worth noting that the Establishment didn’t mind him doing it when he was a Royal Marineyes, a Royal Marine.

What was a hoot this time was that he appeared before Lady Justice Rafferty naked. Sadly though this was over a video link where he had to remain seated with his lower half obscured by a large table placed in front of him.

All the fears over cybercrime and all it takes to frighten the Establishment is for a man to appear nakedterrifying!

Stephen Gough - Our Hero

Stephen Gough – Our Hero

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