Mount Kinabalu Nudists Likely To Be Charged With Causing A Public Nuisance

With a bit of luck they will all be rounded up and left to spend a month or two in gaol. Before you start any ‘it was just a lark’ tosh then consider this.

Suppose ten tourists decided to run through St Paul’s Cathedral all totally naked. What would OUR reaction be to that? I suggest we would be, rightly, horrified and want the culprits dealt with by the Law.

The Malaysian Mount Kinabalu is a place to be respected and Malaysian officials look to enforce that. It may be a mountain to us but cultures are different. Eighteen people died on Mount Kinabalu last Friday and, at the very least, it should be regarded a memorial in the same as we regard shipwrecks.

Interesting to note the reaction in some of the press over here. While they are happy to report on the disgusting drunken antics of youths in Magaluf one of those involved on the mountain was a head girl at an independent school, Ockbrook. Shades of The Bullingdon Club come instantly to mind. What? All a bit of a jolly jape? Lock them up if they can’t show respect for where they are!

UPDATE: 12/06/2015 – Gaoled and fined. LINK

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