How On Earth Does THAT Duckworth-Lewis Work??!!??

So we came off for rain needing 54 runs off of 37 balls. That’s 1.46 runs per ball. We then discover that all the neighbours have to be tucked up in bed by 9:30 so when we get back on the pitch there is only time for 13 balls.

Quite why it took so long to get back on the pitch is a mystery to both teams. New Zealand had no problems with the weather because they even went out onto the pitch to warm-up for when the game did eventually start!

So with time enough for just 13 balls you’d have thought England would need around 21 to 23 runs to win. Oh no! Under the weird and wonderful formula used by Duckworth-Lewis England actually needed 34 runs! How the hell that does work? That’s now 2.62 runs a ball. Where on earth did that come from? How can it go from 1.46 runs a ball to 2.62 runs a ball?

We’ve never thought much of this crazy system to decide a cricket match and now that teams are looking to score 350 and more it’s about time it was totally recalibrated.

New Zealand were still the most likely to win but it would have been nice to have seen the players left to decide it and not a spreadsheet.

Checkout this amazing catch!

That is a gut-ripper! The video, before removal, showed the ball being caught in the air as the player landed near the boundary. In the air he throws the ball to a team-mate as he goes over the boundary. The player in the field of play jumps up and completes the catch. Just amazing!

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