Could Rupert Really Be Working To Push Through The Snoopers’ Charter?

So where did that Sunday Times claim come from? Who was it from Russia who spoke to a Sunday Times journalist? Who then from China spoke to the same Times team? How did they manage to gain access to documents copied by Edward Snowden and, if indeed they did, why on earth would they then tell everyone?

The Sunday Times reported that Moscow and Beijing had “cracked” a secret cache of files taken by Snowden. Yes, they “cracked” it. Sounds real spy-stuff put like that.

Of course the great thing about a claim like this is that you don’t need to offer any evidence because you simple claim ‘security’ and that they ‘must protect their sources’.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald was the one who worked with Snowden to enable him to release the documents originally. Glenn didn’t pull his punches when he criticised what he called “anonymous cowards in the British government” who had spoken to the Sunday Times. He went on to say, “All this story is are people inside the government who have an obvious interest in smearing Snowden.”

Greenwald has detected a move in the media towards a rather more pro-Snowden approach and added, “And as soon as the Snowden narrative shifts, up pops anonymous, unnamed cowards in the British government to smear him with these evidence-free claims and I think that’s really the story.”

It doesn’t take a great leap of intelligence to link Cameron in the Murdoch pocket, the Murdoch paper printing this unsubstantiated tale and Tess May trying to force through her Snoopers’ Charter. When challenged all they have to say is, “they are so many threats we have defused that we cannot tell you about as it would risk national security.” Thank you Sir Humphrey.

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