Nicky Morgan-Gove Manages To Create A Lexicon Of Pure Bollox

Morgan-Gove is the face of a failed education policy that has but one aim {ok, maybe three}. To reduce schools that the plebs go to into Zero-Hour contract worker factories. Their Academies will be homes for those who are hard of thinking but who will vote Tory no matter how cak it means their lives will become. Public schools will continue for the financially elite and, regardless of any made-up qualifications they ‘achieve’ {make that ‘pay for’}, will provide those who will run the country for their own profit.

Well that’s told you.

The Lexicon of Cak now includes a new definition for “a good pass”. From now on you will have to score more marks that previous years to be awarded the same grade. What a great idea!

Just to add even more tosh to this we discover what was a ‘C’ now has to be a Low ‘B’ or High ‘C’ to be graded as a Grade 5. You can be excused for thinking we are making this shit up.

We then get the Morgan-Gove total cobblers where she/he claims that “raising the bar on GCSE exams will help pupils achieve in life”. WTF does that mean? So ‘failing’ more students will somehow motivate them! Is there any evidence that suggests anything even remotely like that could ever be true?

The new system will replace the A to G grades with a new number system. We can’t help thinking this sounds a hell of a lot like the ‘O’ Level system some of us followed in the early 70’s with grades from 1 to 9 … … … which is what Morgan/Gove has come up with this time!!

Along with this in September comes a new “more rigorous” GCSE. What? What of earth does that mean? Is that a question that is somehow ‘harder’ because it wasn’t actually on the syllabus? What does rigorous mean here?

It’s all complete and utter bollox of course but don’t expect to see it discussed in the media because El Presidente Cameron has full control of that with his orders taken directly from Murdouche and passed on by Crosby.

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