Roy Keane, Boorish Johnson And The Tale Of Two Taxi Drivers

It’s A Funny Old World

Roy Keane has, finally, been cleared of harassing a taxi driver. He was made to appear at Manchester Magistrates’ Court where he was accused of making a two-finger gesture and shouting aggressively at Fateh Kerar in Altrincham in January. It was alleged that Roy had “stared aggressively” at the Cabbie after he had made a gesture towards Keane.

Roy Keane admitted swearing at him once, but denied “repeatedly” swearing and said he did not earlier make a two-finger gesture.

So this was the way a football legend was treated when a Taxi driver thought it was alright to have a go at him.

Compare that with the utter oaf who goes by the name of Boorish Johnson and his treatment.

Part-Time Mayor and Part-Time MP Boorish was caught on film swearing at a taxi driver. The clip was described as containing “a colourful choice of language”. Of course when the story has been spun by the likes of Lynton Crosby, along with all the other toads in the media, it all comes out a tad different.

It’s all ‘he’s a jolly good fellow’ crap and he ‘gave as good as he got’ bollox. The wagons are pulled into a circle and they all defend their own.

So Roy had to go to court, with no video evidence of what he was supposed to have done, while Boorish, with evidence, is just laughed off. We have a very, very sick media.

funny old world

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