Has ‘Somebody’ Put The Squeeze On The BBC Today?

Twenty minutes into PMQs a protest took place in the lobby of the House of Commons. The BBC had a reporter there and he reported it live. Police were involved and protesters, some in wheelchairs, were seen to hold up banners pointing out what an utter disgrace the likes of the bloodsucking IDS and his new arse-kisser, Pretty Useless, are to anybody with a disability {which in the real world is just about everyone}.

The Daily Politics was going on at the same time and over ran the lack of answering any questions in the House by a good 25 minutes. For some reason Andrew Neil was not allowed to introduce the 4 min clip that they had. Who blocked this? The BBC or did Crosby have a hand in this? Did the Top Floor of the BBC ring down PDQ?

There is also a home-phone clip of the protesters in wheelchairs heading towards to doors to the chamber. They are stopped and you can then see clearly an Officer manhandling one of the chairs and, what shall we say, exerting his authority. It doesn’t look good.

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