This Starts To Sound Like A Case Of Burying The Evidence By The BBC

WE are still trying to get our heads around this but that is, in part, because it is all a bit vague as to what is going on. You see the BBC – that will be the Broadcasting Company that we have to pay for, even if don’t watch it much, and risk gaol if we don’t pay the fine – has started a cunning dodge.

They are not deleting their vast amount of data – that would look like censorship. So what they are doing, as far as we can make out, is breaking all the Hyperlinks TO the data. So it’s not deleted but what chance have any of us got of ever FINDING it???

This stinks of Crosby/Cameron. They have always wanted the past deleted and this seems damn close to achieving it! Obviously we have no evidence; they’ve deleted all the links!!! {IF they still work!!!}

LINK ONE             LINK TWO

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