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The Ashes – Two One To England

Poor old Oz could only manage three days of a five day test. Perhaps they are used to having the weekends off? {Yeah, like THEY didn’t gloat every chance they had when we were cak!} The Whole Sad, Sorry Tale

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It’s Official – Donald Dump Is A Serious Candidate

To think we look at our bunch of toss-pots and all we can see are utter chancers. Ours almost seem the elite compared to Donald Dump! Of course that’s not a comb-over!!!

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Chaos In Calais Continues

Here at TheField we ask our readers’ one simple question – How long has Dodgy-Dave Cameron and Tess Nice-Hair May been Prime Minister and Home Secretary respectively? You’d think the pair had only just started the jobs! They certainly don’t … Continue reading

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American Dentist Walter Palmer, From Minnesota – The Biggest Arse On The Planet?

Is Walter Palmer the biggest arsehole around just at the moment? Not only does he think shooting wildlife is ‘sport’, the sad pathetic bastard, but he then thinks he needs to put pictures of the butchered animals online for all … Continue reading

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Bowler Takes All Ten Wickets To Blow Away Brixworth

Joe Dawborn managed the dream of all bowlers who play cricket. He took all ten wickets of the opposition and it did it at the cost of just 22 runs. Poor Brixworth could only stand and wonder as Joe recorded … Continue reading

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Jeremy Looking A Right Hunt, Again

Poor old Jeremy; he must be starting to get the message by now. But why should he care? He’s a millionaire.

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Tour de France: Historic British Win

Chris Froome became the first Briton to win the Tour de France twice when he safely reached the finish line in Paris at the end of the three-week race. Team Sky With Chris Froome In The Yellow Jersey

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