Our 2nd Rate Politicians And All That ‘Living Within Your Means’ Cak

Just cast your mind back over the number of times you’ve heard some political chancer reminding us how we must all live within our means and not write cheques our arse can’t cash. As usually a number of the jumped-up gits don’t imagine for one moment that this should apply to them.

It seems 19 of them have had their Official Credit Card suspended after failing to show the spending on it was valid. One of these is despised Iain Duncan Smith who once claimed he could live on £53 a week. His card was blocked when he owed £1,057.28.

He was the most outstanding one though. Rachel Reeves got to £4,033.63, Ian Paisley Jr got to £6,195.94, Pamela Nash got to £6,929.29 but Eric Joyce was way out in front with £12,919.61 on his card. We’ll drink to that!

We note there is no mention of any Charges being incurred; something the rest of us would be hit with in a big way!

We are pleased to say that all have now cleared their debts —- well that’s hardly a surprise given the money and pay rise they are all in line for!

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