Now His Own Church Points Out What A Nasty Piece Of Work IDS Is

Pretty obvious that the arrogant, conceited, spiteful Iain Duncan Smith will not take any notice of a blog like this but you’d think he might, as a Catholic, take note of over 70 prominent Catholics who tell him he’s got it wrong. They have told him that his plans are ‘not compatible with Christian values’ and to go away and think again.

They have urged him to reverse his so-called welfare reforms which are clearly aimed at all those who are disabled or vulnerable or both. We all know they are not ‘reforms’ they are Cuts but he doesn’t have the backbone to be honest.

Their letter points out that regardless of his claims to improve the quality of individual lives his policies will have the direct opposite. Their strongest criticism comes for Smiths’ plans for a new fit-to-work test, even harsher benefit sanctions, the introduction of the welfare cap and the hideous cock-up called Universal credit. All of this on top of a £12bn slashing of welfare.

If anybody has any doubts about just how much of a grudge this spiteful failed ex-Tory leader still holds should think very long and very hard.

This charming man give a toss 2

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