Matty Handcock Risks Life And Limb To Protect His Boss

When the life of Gideon, the Chancer of the Exchequer, was in danger there were only two who could come to his rescue. One of them was Larry the Bone-Idle Cat who takes after his owner at No.10 Downing Street. Fortunately there was a REAL hero on hand and he immediately stepped up to the plate!

Top level talks were in progress and Gideon was trying to come up with yet another scam to pay his mates more money and take it from the poor while the BBC didn’t bother reporting it. He thought one of his schemes had achieved a ‘Eureka’ moment, something Mrs Gideon can only dream about, when he realised it was an official screaming, “ A Mouse!”

With a total disregard for his own safety, up jumped Mouse-Man Matty Handcock! Ignoring all risk of personal injury our hero Mouse-Man Matty fought with the mouse while Gideon cowered behind the sofa. Mighty Matty used all his Ninja skills to overcome the mouse so that the staff in Downing Street can sleep easy once again in their beds.

After his heroic encounter Matty told us here at TheField, “Some may have called it a mouse but it was far more the size of a giant rat! Luckily I am a very fit, strong member of the Tory Party and I do believe that my Long Term Fitness Plan helped me overcome the beast.”

Brave words little fella, brave words.

fearless mouse catcher 2

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