Hard To Imagine That Gideon Could Be Related To Any Dodgy Deals!

From C4 News:

Seems the Gideon dynasty made a cool £6m in a little property deal with a developer who just happened to be based in a Tax Haven – “all in this together”!

Gideon is a family member of the company Osborne & Little. They are a sort of ‘up market’ {pay over the top} DIY painters and decorators. Something like that. Guy Basnett and Paul McNamara have discovered that they made some sort of a business arrangement with a corporation in the British Virgin Islands to turn their London headquarters into housing.

They jointly applied for some 45 flats and houses and then O&L sold its site to the offshore firm for a mere £6,088,000. Contracts indicate that Osborne & Little must have known the firm was based offshore and that there was the potential to avoid MILLIONS in tax.

In the past Gideon has referred to offshore firms who avoid tax as “morally repugnant”. The firm from the British Virgin Islands, Nightingale Mews Incorporated, then redeveloped the site and are calculated to have avoided up to £2,000,000 in tax ON ITS PROFIT.

Hard to believe for us, the mere 99%, but the Law is so twisted that none of these actions are considered illegal. Now remind us – who are the people who vote on the Laws of this land? Odd that.

So what did barrister David Quentin have to say about all this, “It’s quite clear that we’re dealing with an offshore company. If you look at this agreement, you see that the buyer company is named and then it’s expressly described as incorporated in the British Virgin Islands.”

He added, by being based offshore, the company could have avoided any tax on profits it made. “Instead of paying UK tax on that profit, it would be able to realise that profit tax free,” he said.

Now here’s the funny thing. Nightingale Mews Incorporated was dissolved in 2010. This makes it almost impossible to know who was really behind the British Virgin Islands company. So it could have been almost anybody. You don’t think … … …?

The even funnier thing is that Gideon finds a little minion to send out to speak for him and pretend it’s all made up. Well, be honest, what would you expect from the Chancer of Exchequer?

good deal gideon

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