This Might Just Be Why The Child Abuse Inquiry Could Take Longer Than We First Thought

Remember it was 3rd time lucky when Lowell Goddard agreed to be the judge leading the inquiry into historical Child Sex Abuse in England and Wales. Being a native of the beautiful New Zealand she must have needed some heavy leaning on to take on such a job. Well how does this sound?

An annual salary of, wait for it, £360,000. Yep, over a third of a million EACH YEAR. Obviously she will need somewhere to live while she is here so how about an annual allowance for rent of £110,000. Yep, that’s EACH YEAR. Then, heaven forbid she might have to pay for anything while she is here, she will also receive £12,000 a year to cover utility bills. Yep, that’s EACH YEAR.

So each year she can string it out sits in judgement she will pick-up £482,000. Yep, that’s EACH YEAR.

Naturally, if it should happen to take a lot longer than first anticipated, she might get a little homesick {or fancy a long holiday}. The Home Office, that’s our money from taxes, will cover the cost of FOUR return flights from here to New Zealand.

Two things struck us here: 1) You don’t go to New Zealand for a ‘Weekend Away’ and 2) We can’t see her flying ‘Baggage Class’. So that’s a right old Ker-Ching!

Already she is talking about it lasting until 2020. Yep, that’s FIVE YEARS! That’s £2,410,000 plus the 4 flights to and from New Zealand. So what will any of the victims get or is someone just taking the piss?

lowell goddard

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