The Local Farce, Known As The Charles Street Fiasco, Continues In Dorchester

The decade’s long history of this running sore is too much to go into here but we have reached a brand new absurdity. West Dorset District Council are going to pay £905,000 for the Dorchester Community Church and then … … … … demolish it. Yes, that is the wisdom of the executive committee and is the best way they can find to spend nearly one million pounds!

Having flattened the church they can then pursue the next phase of the £60,000,000 development around Charles Street. The first phase saw us lose the car park in the centre of the town so as they could move the library from the Top-of-Town. Surprise, surprise, it also included the building of shiny new council offices. Clearly, with cuts taking place across the whole country, this was something we desperately needed.

The next phase will include 27 shops except, with the library and council offices, there is nowhere left for shoppers to park. Miraculously, even though we have them in the town already, both Marks & Spencer and Waitrose will find they have a new store! We are suggesting NOTHING!

Given half of the west of Dorchester has been over-run by ‘rabbit warren’ housing over at Poundbury it does seem odd the next phase also includes 67 apartments. Notice they are referred to as ‘apartments’, not flats. Doesn’t sound like these are intended for those looking for a low-cost starter home in order to be able to continue living where they were born.

This might all come to fruition by early 2018 – we’ll see!

Let’s Buy It For £905,000 And Then Knock It Down!

Dorchester Community 2

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