Tobias Ellwood: I’m Sorry For My ‘Watch The Pennies’ Remark

Toby is now on almost £90,000 a year, possibly £96K, plus all the MPs perks like cheap meals and drink along with everything else. He stated that a pay rise for him of 10% was “well overdue”.

Sad to say he comes from down here as he is MP for Bournemouth East. His basic salary just jumped from £67k to £74K and is backdated to May.

He also does ‘something’ in the Foreign Office for which he is probably paid around £20k. Now IPSA, that’s the ‘independent’ panel {ha, ha}, have not been entirely transparent over these payments so this may well have risen to £22k for all the hard work he does.

In a submission to IPSA Elwood wrote, “I never expected to be watching the pennies at my age and yet this what I now have to do.”

What a shocker – he’s a money grabbing Tory arse! Who could POSSIBLY accuse him of being “Out of Touch”? What an utter knob-head.

Toby Ellwood Bournemouth Tory MP tosser

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