Are Our MPs Stupid Or Are They Just Doing It To Wind Us Up?

Having been handed an additional £10,000 a year and had it revealed that they are lining themselves up for a £50,000 pension bonus you would have thought they might want to keep their heads down for a bit. Oh no, no, no! Up pops Rob Wilson. Rob Wilson is the Tory MP {Mouth-Piece} for Reading East and it seems he has a lot of time on his hands.

Rob Wilson has so much free time that it is worth his while to go to the trouble of completing a claim form for a car journey of 352 yards. That is correct; 352 YARDS. He claimed the full sum for this trip of 9p. All the admin and time taken to claim 9p. They should charge Wilson for wasting everybody’s time!

Now if this was just a ‘one-off’ we could laugh it off. You’ve guessed it because he does have ‘form’. Wilson has made a number of claims under £1 and has also included a trip on a bicycle of 60p. Quite how you can run up an expense of 60p on a bicycle is anybody’s guess. Reading to Westminster maybe?

Wilson has applied the defence of that over time it “does add up”. For the financial year 2013-14 Wilson claimed £174,000. Clearly, as he claims, he is “a very active local MP”.

Wilson! On Yer Bike!

Rob Wilson MP on yer bike

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