Richard Graham MP – We Just Love These Stories!

Good old ‘Dicky’ Graham is a Tory MP who went to Eton and Oxford. Gosh. He is the Member of Parliament for Gloucester – lucky them!

He has a particular love-affair with Gloucester and called a parliamentary debate regarding apprenticeships and their importance to Gloucester. Unfortunately the debate needed to be cancelled as he turned up late! A warning sign of somebody who struggles with the concept of time?

In June 2013 he upset a few more people when he breached the ICO Data Protection Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. To then make it even worse he started spamming the individuals who had dared to contact him on parliamentary business.

He also seems to struggle with the road signs that the rest of us plebs are supposed to take notice of. In 2015 he decided to abandon his van, bad enough, but he chose a disabled parking bay as the place to leave it. A man with a sense of ‘I am entitled to’ is difficult to see past.

So why is he in the news now? Well it’s the old road signs and the Highway Code that he seems to have tripped up on. Last December while driving on a road that we plebs are obliged to travel on at a maximum of 70 mph ‘Dicky’ thought he was alright to go at 90 mph.

As a result he has been banned from driving for 6 months and ordered to pay more than £650 in fines and cost. Now that may all sound a tad harsh but the unfortunate thing for ‘Dicky’ is that he ALREADY had 9 points on his licence so it was an automatic disqualification!

We can’t wait to read his Travelling Expenses Claims over the next 6 months.

Just Has Well He Has Got A Bike

MB_Glos_v_Bath-Cherry-and-White-Bike Richar Graham got a bike

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