Another Day, Another MP Makes It Clear How Utterly Clueless They Are

It’s almost as if they are trying to appear as witless wonders. Nearer the truth might be that they are always this witless but the media get fed up of reporting it. Who knows?

The latest bumbling clown is none other than Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell. Now he is a very rare breed because he is a Tory MP in Scotland. In fact, to be more accurate, he is the ONLY Tory MP in Scotland. He’s not likely to get many Christmas cards locally.

David Mundell MP

As a little background it is worth remembering that the vile IDS was peddling his hated Welfare Bill this week while Crosby got the media to turn it into a Labour in-fighting struggle. Nice move to distract everyone from noticing the Nasty Party doing all they can to make the poor even poorer.

In the light of this Mundell turned up to open a food bank. Yes, the tory clown tried to make a photo-opportunity out of him opening a food bank set-up to help those in need. Mundell must have cak-for-brains!

Odd that he seemed a little put-out when the crowd started a chorus of “Shame on you” and forced him to sneak out of the back door of the Trussell Trust-operated facility in the Dumfries and Galloway town.

A resident in the town said, “If Mundell believes in his party policies, and that food banks haven’t been caused by the Tories, he would have come out the front door and faced folk – not scurried out the back like a coward.”

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