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Health Benefits Of Daytime Booze

Researchers say taking forty drinks in the middle of the day could reduce blood pressure and stave off heart attacks. The findings of the study were unveiled at a conference of the European Society of Cardiology and Hard of Hearing. … Continue reading

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It’s A Funny Old Game – The Premier League

Love it when things, regardless of how much money you have, don’t quite go to plan!

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Cameron Is So Full Of It He Even Swims In The Cak These Days

A Truly Shocking Tale Poor old Dodgy-Dave usually spends the days talking an utter load of crap. He spends his time mixing with a right load of crap and is so far ‘up-himself’ he actually believes all his own crap. Well … Continue reading

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Donald Dump Proves He Does Not Wear A Toupee

We all know that you numpty! It’s the comb-over we are all taking the piss out of! Other Famous Comb-Overs  

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The England World Cup Squad – Names & Faces

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So Who Is Pulling John Chilcot’s Strings?

So why has the Inquiry into the Iraq War taken this long and why is it now going to take even longer? There is a point in time for the public where the word Delay starts to sound a lot … Continue reading

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How Could You Possibly Suggest That The Footballers Of Today Are Disappearing Up Their Own Bums?

Jermain Defoe {who?} plays for Sunderland and has decided that he needs a man-servant. He’s not called the post that choosing to use the euphemistic term of Executive Personal Assistant. He wants somebody, make that a dogsbody, to arrange his … Continue reading

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Brandon Lewis MP – ‘But I Haven’t Broken Any Of The Rules’

Brandon Lewis, MP for Great Yarmouth, has demonstrate yet another case where the rules for MPs stink. From the outset it’s worth remembering the ‘rules’ will always suit them because they made the bloody things up in the first place! … Continue reading

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Louise Mensch Manages To Un-Think Katie Hopkins – Quite An Achievement

Munchkin was looking to smear Labour party members and generally have one of her pointless little rants. Never on a Friday though, she doesn’t have time to do anything on a Friday, ask Dodgy-Dave. It involved the autocomplete on her tablet. … Continue reading

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Bournemouth Win Their First Game In The Top League

Newly promoted Bournemouth achieved their first win in the Premier League when they beat West Ham. Callum Wilson scored a hat-trick and these along with a goal from Marc Pugh was just enough to win 3:4. West Ham did not … Continue reading

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